Use your laptop or mobile device before the office appointment – avoid the clipboard and paper forms that the doctor makes you fill out


Our secure portal gets the right information to the provider – whether its a specialist or your primary care provider. They are prepared for you – before your arrival.


Your information is secure yet available – when you need it, wherever you need it.

On Time

Make the most of your appointment, your time is valuable AND so is your health!



A Deltek, released Dec. 18 2013, shows the demand for information technology will increase from $16.6 billion in 2012 to $19.3 billion in 2017. ( Growth is fueled as the population ages and EHR adoption grows beyond its current 20% meaningful use by providers.


Government mandate and health care industry consolidation are driving forces behind EHR growth. Yet poor design, lack of interconnectivity and inattention to work place ergonomics render EHRs “tools of inefficiency”.


This leaves the market wide open for eIPO. Value added services that “sharpen the pencil” for existing EHRs and “put the lead” back into medical practice efficiency.


Our projections are conservative but yield an optimistic picture for growth and profitability.




The work-flow bottleneck of patient intake is eliminated with pre-visit data entry.


This data is converted into your record system without your paid staff doing the tedious and redundant work of data “re-entry”.


Your providers are freed to perform medical decision making, coordinate care and see more patients with the information they need easily made available to them.


Our patent pending software speeds the pre-certification process and applies standards of quality assurance – so your practice runs profitably and is identified as a quality product.



CMS compliant worksheets that answer the questions you need answered – completed by your patient – before their appointment.


Data analysis tools and graphics present this worksheet data succinctly for your review, annotation and conversion to medical record.


To you for viewing or in a print ready format – customized with your practice letterhead and logo – or uploaded into your EMR.


Accessible on your laptop or mobile device in any location with HIPAA compliant secure cloud storage.



e-IPO was founded in North Carolina over a decade ago in response to an Independent Physician’s Organization need to improve communication between member physicians’ offices. Its goal was to reduce the incidence of “RDD Syndrome” or “redundantly duplicated data syndrome” – the inefficient and redundant solicitation and recording of health information from the patient at each site of medical service. It was recognized that much of this information, for example, your past surgical history or family history was “static” or unchanging – but was nonetheless relevant and could in fact be vitally important if you were to need surgery or should a complex diagnosis need to be made.

Over the years, e-IPO has responded to changes in the health care industry and to the advances in internet communication. Our goals are embodied in our name:

Effective Information Provided Online
Efficient Integration of Physician’s Offices
Easy Individualized Private and On-time


The e-IPO product will allow you to record your health data and retain it or share it with the health care provider of your choice. The provider can preview this information prior to your visit. It is presented in a format that is standardized for professional consumption.

This can increase the value of your time with the doctor. Details are not lost to memory and prescription doses not guessed at. The doctor can focus on you and your problems and be assured the critical information is available for review.

The doctor will have the opportunity to enter your information into their medical record. Paper based systems are readily supported with customized forms. Electronic medical record systems are supported by our partnership with MediCode – a company that enables secure data uploads into EHRs.

The product has been developed by a neurosurgeon with decades of experience caring for patients. He has spent the “10,000 hours” obtaining data from patients with the current technologies. He has recognized the need for a better methodology to transmit information between patients and providers. An astute team of health care consultants, software developers, web site designers and internet security experts have re-developed e-IPO for consumer use.

Our intent is to provide you, the patient control over your health care.

It is your story.
It is your time.
It is your health.
e-IPO is here for you.



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